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Stadtführung: Guided tours in englisch

Join our English-guided tour and embark on a journey that unveils the rich history and must-see spots in Göttingen's historic city center. Explore iconic landmarks such as the Old Town Hall, Gänseliesel Fountain, University Aula, and Junkernschänke. Don't miss out on this immersive experience!
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Göttingen's Old Town Gems

Our ‘city tour is perfect for anyone eager to unravel Göttingen’s secrets while soaking in its most iconic sights. This adventure meanders through the heart of the old town, serving up fascinating snapshots of Göttingen’s landmarks that are not to be missed on any visit to this university city.

From the legendary Gänseliesel and the medieval Old Town Hall to the storybook half-timbered houses, the hallowed halls of universities and churches – this tour offers a comprehensive overview of the distinctive features and the cultural and historical highlights of the city center.

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The University Aula also houses the Karzer, the historical university prison. Students who committed minor offenses, like smoking in the street, had to do some time here. One of its short-term inmates was Otto von Bismarck.


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    Ready for a journey through the timeless charm of Göttingen?

    Marketplace & Old Town Hall

    At the heart of Göttingen, the Old Town Hall and the marketplace paint a picture of medieval allure. This multipurpose building, established in 1270, was the hub for council and court meetings as well as trade. It boasts a magnificently decorated grand hall.

    Wilhelmsplatz & Auditorium

    The life and soul of the city, especially the student life, is often found buzzing at Wilhelmsplatz. The university auditorium was a generous gift from King Wilhelm IV of Great Britain and Hanover, and a statue stands in his memory. This grand auditorium, a symbol of neoclassical architecture, still stands as a central building for the Georg-August University, thanks to its impressive assembly hall.
    Der Wilhelmsplatz in Göttingen

    Göttingen's Gänseliesel

    Meet the Gänseliesel, Göttingen's mascot since 1901, standing tall in the marketplace in front of the Old Town Hall. Rumor has it, she's the most-kissed girl in the world, all thanks to a tradition embraced by Göttingen students. After getting their doctorates, they flock to the city center to thank the Gänseliesel with a kiss and decorate the fountain with flowers. But hey, officially since 1926, kissing "Liesel" is a no-go.

    Timber-framed Houses

    Göttingen's old town streets are lined with enchanting timber-framed houses, with the Junkernschänke standing out as one of the most beautiful. Adorned with a cascade of vibrant carvings, this 15th-century house at the intersection of Barfüßerstraße/Jüdenstraße was long considered one of Germany's oldest wine taverns.

    Gänseliesel of Göttingen: A Tale through Time

    Göttingen's Gänseliesel is more than a statue—it's an icon. Perched right in the market square in front of the Old Town Hall, this lovely lass has become a focal point for both locals and tourists.

    The Story and Significance of Göttingen's Gänseliesel

    The Gänseliesel is rumored to be the most-kissed girl on the globe! This quirky tradition stems from the students of the Georg-August University, who, after acing their doctoral exams, parade through the city and climb up to the Gänseliesel for a celebratory smooch.

    Interestingly, if it were up to the city's magistrate, the Gänseliesel wouldn't be gracing the square today. The tender design, created by Heinrich Stöckhardt and sculpted by Paul Nisse, only scored second place in the city's competition. Instead, a flashier design featuring a lion titled "In the Spirit of the Old/Virtue Fountain" by K. Mehs and H. Jehs was the magistrate's preference.

    However, when the top three designs were presented to the public, the simplicity of the Gänseliesel won over the hearts of the people. They felt it was more in tune with the everyday folks, unlike the numerous statues of celebrated scholars around the Georg-August University.

    The Gänseliesel's Kissing Ban

    On June 8, 1901, the Gänseliesel was quietly installed without any inaugural ceremony. The figure represents a young girl surrounded by geese and doesn't hold any particular connection to the city's history. Still, it was swiftly embraced by the university's students, who, back in the day, would clamber up the fountain post-enrollment to plant a kiss on the maiden. This boisterous ritual often caused a ruckus and occasional damages to the fountain, which (rather than any alleged decline in morals) was the cause for a kissing ban being implemented in 1926. Those found breaching this rule were fined 10 Reichsmark—a rule one student even challenged all the way to the Berlin Chamber Court, though he ultimately lost.

    The Kissing Ban: More of a Guideline?

    The ban technically still stands but is not enforced these days—as it was never really heeded in the first place. In 2001, the statue's centennial was celebrated with various activities, one of which was a staged council meeting that 'lifted' the kissing ban for a whole 100 minutes. Many Göttingers, students or not, seized the opportunity to peck the Gänseliesel. This 'fake' meeting, though, had no real legal impact.

    Over the years, the kissing tradition has morphed. Nowadays, it's mostly doctoral students who, after passing their exams, climb the Gänseliesel fountain, adorn it with flowers, and give her a kiss for good luck. However, since 1990, it's been a replica they're smooching—the original has been replaced and now resides in the City Museum of Göttingen.

    The Gänseliesel Festival in Göttingen

    Every year since 1995, the city holds the Gänseliesel Festival. A new Gänseliesel and Mini-Gänseliesel are chosen to reign for the year. This open-Sunday event with numerous activities draws tens of thousands of visitors into the city center.

    The Gänseliesel Fairytale

    The Gänseliesel as a fairytale character owes its existence to a writing competition hosted by the Göttinger Tageblatt for the statue's 100th birthday on September 30, 2001. Sabine Lebensieg of Adelebsen won the competition, creating the one and only Gänseliesel fairytale out of more than 300 entries.

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